Introducing the Hollis Prism 2 Closed-Circuit Rebreather

In late 2019, Hollis Rebreathers announced that its Prism 2 Rebreather has received CE approval and will now be on sale across the European markets. Both the front-mounted counterlung and back-mounted counterlung variants passed all tests in accordance with EN 14143:2013. This great news has opened the door for SSI to develop and offer training on this closed-circuit rebreather. Read on to find out more.

SSI and Hollis develop Prism 2 closed-circuit rebreather training.

Over the last six months, SSI has been working with Nick Hollis (Brand Manager) and John Conway (Hollis Rebreathers Training Director) to develop and create SSI training materials for the Prism 2.

SSI closed-circuit rebreather training programs.

SSI currently offers digital training materials for the following closed-circuit rebreather programs:

SSI will also launch their CCR Hypoxic Trimix digital materials in 2022, making them the only training agency to have rebreather specific materials across all levels.

This achievement has come from a great passion within SSI and with their Technical International Training Directors to continually drive development forward, always pushing to be at the pinnacle of rebreather training.

A word from the CEO of SSI.

SSI CEO Guido Waetzig commented:
"We (SSI) congratulate Hollis on gaining the CE rating for the Prism 2 closed-circuit rebreather and we are looking forward to developing a positive relationship with them to increase the growth of rebreather divers in the SSI community".

Learn more about closed-circuit rebreather diving.

Closed-circuit rebreather diving allows you to get closer to marine life than ever before and explore the world’s deep reefs, wrecks, and caves. With extended dive times and limited bubbles, it is one of the best and most peaceful ways to explore the underwater world.

Are you ready to enter the silent world of rebreather diving? Browse SSI’s rebreather diving programs and start your journey today.