Are you ready to Travel? Explore dive sites around the world with SSI’s MyDiveGuide

The world is calling – are you ready to travel? With many travel companies offering vacation packages at vastly discounted prices, now may be the perfect time to plan your dream dive vacation. Diving has always been intrinsically linked to travel, and SSI’s MyDiveGuideencourages and supports this connection by displaying thousands of verified dive sites around the globe. MyDiveGuide is a powerful tool to help you find fantastic dive sites in your area, both locally and internationally.

With hundreds of pages of dive sites, dive destinations, and wildlife, SSI offers the most comprehensive dive travel guide on the internet today. New countries are being added all the time. With 600 current diving destinations to explore, MyDiveGuide offers a wealth of information from the most popular dive sites in a particular region to dive centers in that area with instant online access.

Do not miss out on this innovative travel tool. In addition to helping you plan your next diving adventure, MyDiveGuide also offers the Center Locatortool, helping you find SSI Training Centers in your area or anywhere you wish to travel. You can even use the Events Calendar to see who is offing dive training at your desired destination.

Hop on SSI’s MyDiveGuide today and learn more about exotic dive destinations like the Solomon Islands, New Zealand, Palau, Egypt, Fiji, and much more! Detailed dive-related information for these exciting locations is just a click away.

MyDiveGuide takes dive planning a step further, letting you explore which wildlife you can encounter at each destination and what the dive conditions are like. When you click on a particular dive site, MyDiveGuide will even suggest which specialty diving certifications are recommended for that specific site, and direct you back to a dive center in your geographical area offering that specialty training.

So, what are you waiting for? Do not miss out on one of the industry’s most powerful dive planning tools. Check out the MyDiveGuide dive sites in your area, explore the online courses and events calendar, and start planning your next dive vacation today with the most comprehensive online travel tool, MyDiveGuide.