Diving in the Digital Era – Say Hello to SSI’s Computer Diving Program.

In this digital age, keeping up with technology is a priority for SSI. Over the years, we have seen more and more divers invest in a personal dive computer. Now that the MySSI App is capable of integrating with certain dive computers, we have created a program that will ensure you know how to fully utilize your dive computer’s unique features. So, we are excited to introduce our newest specialty diver program: Computer Diving.

In the SSI Computer Diving program, you will learn all you need to master your dive computer so you can make the most of every dive, from pre-dive planning right through to post-dive reflections.

Whether you are a scuba diver, an Extended Range diver, or a breath-hold diver, this is an essential program for diving in the digital era. Read on to find out more.

Introducing the SSI Computer Diving program.

It is not uncommon for divers to purchase a dive computer and only use it for its basic information. We want our divers to get the most out of their investment by learning to use a dive computer to its full potential, so we designed the Computer Diving program.

By learning how to use all the functions of a dive computer, you will increase your dive safety and know how to plan and execute dives with ease. 

In this innovative program, you will learn the ins and outs of using a dive computer correctly to increase efficiency and safety while diving.  The course includes practical application of all topics, such as how to set and change nitrox settings, use the pre-dive planning feature, and download dives to keep a digital logbook.

In the SSI Computer Diving program, you will explore all of the functions and capabilities of different dive computers so you can seamlessly integrate those features into your entire dive experience.

Is this course useful for freedivers as well?

Yes, the SSI Computer Diving specialty is a great course for Freedivers and Mermaids to join. All breath-hold divers can benefit from learning how to use their dive computer features to increase performance and safety while training and executing their dives. 

What will I learn in the Computer Diving program?

SSI’s Computer Diving program goes above and beyond teaching just the basic functions of your dive computer. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the following exciting topics:

1.The personal dive computer.

This first session takes students on a deep dive into decompression theory and how it relates to the operation of your dive computer.

You will learn things like inert gas absorption and elimination, the different dive computer algorithms and decompression models, and the concepts of no-decompression limits and surface intervals. 

You will also learn the history and evolution of dive computers and the technological advancements that have brought computers to where they are today.

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2. Selecting a dive computer.

This second academic session explores all the important features of a modern dive computer. After this session, you will be well educated on key features and the different designs like consoles, wrist-mounted, and mask-mounted dive computers.

You will also learn the differences between nitrox, mixed-gas, rebreather, and freediving computers and how to adjust the different settings found within these computers. This knowledge will allow you to make an informed decision when choosing the dive computer that is right for you.

3. Dive computer operation.

In this third academic session, you will review the three display modes found in most dive computers and the importance and purpose of each. You will also go over the parameters of dive computers, including the maximum operating depth, no-decompression limit, and time-to-surface, and how they relate to safe diving practices.

Creating a dive plan is an essential component of dive safety, and this session will discuss how to use your dive computer to calculate the no-decompression limit for your planned dive. 

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4. Diving with a computer.

In session four, you will learn how to maximize the use of your computer while diving. An essential component of dive safety is learning the various warnings and alarms that can sound when you go no-decompression or decompression diving

5. Post-dive operations.

After you have completed your dives, this session will review how to access your dive data via the dive computer’s logbook and the different ways you can transfer your dive data to your home computer or into the MySSI App.

You will also go over appropriate care and maintenance procedures to maintain the longevity of your dive computer, including proper cleaning and storage techniques.

As you can see, the SSI Computer Diving program is a structured and hands-on educational experience. It is not merely a course; it is an opportunity to understand the latest dive technology so you can explore with confidence and ease.

We want to empower you with the knowledge and skills essential for scuba diving in the modern digital era. 

So, start your Computer Diving program online today by contacting your nearest dive center to purchase and download the materials. Unsure where your nearest SSI Training Center is? Click the link below to find your nearest SSI Training Center: