7 Eco-friendly Gifts for Divers

Is there a scuba diver in your life that has a birthday or special event coming up? Unsure what to get for them? No problem! We have got you covered with our top eco-friendly gifts for divers.

Most scuba divers enjoy diving because they like to appreciate the beauty of the underwater world, from colorful coral reefs to the numerous species of marine life that live there. So why not give your scuba friend a treat that benefits the ocean they love too? There are many great eco-conscious gifts for divers. From jewelry to sunscreens, we have put together a list of our seven favorite gifts that help to take care of the oceans at the same time.

Here are our top eco-conscious gifts for divers.

1.Mesh bag.

If your dive buddy is enthusiastic about keeping the seas clean and healthy, they probably sign up for regular clean-up dives with other passionate divers. They probably also pick up any trash they see during all their dives.

If this sounds like them, we are sure they would be grateful for a Blue Oceans collection bag; a light and easy-to-carry bag that can be used to collect trash as they dive.

When the dive ends, the water trickles out of the mesh bag and the rubbish can be emptied easily.

These mesh bags are excellent gifts for divers, and you never know when you might need one!

  • Visit your local SSI Center to purchase your Blue Oceans collection bag.

2. Eco-friendly wetsuit.

Most scuba divers need a wetsuit to keep warm in the water. They come in different thicknesses and styles, and they are usually made from neoprene.

However, neoprene is not biodegradable and old wetsuits often end up sitting in landfills. Wetsuit companies have realized this and are developing more eco-friendly options for divers.

  • Aqualung has released XSCAPE wetsuits, made with an eco-friendly natural rubber and ultra-stretch fabric made of recycled plastic bottles.

3. Ocean plastic jewelry.

Everyone loves a nice necklace or bracelet. And if your jewelry is made from recycled plastic taken from the oceans, it becomes even more special to the wearer.

This is one of the easiest gifts for divers to put in the post if your dive buddy lives far away.

  • Bracenet makes beautiful bracelets from discarded fishing nets, in different colors to signify which sea or ocean they came from.
  • 4Ocean raises awareness of microplastics with stylish bracelets (and more!) made from recycled plastic.


4. Clothes made from recycled plastic.

One of the best ways to care for the oceans is via what we wear. Brands are developing gorgeous swimwear and clothing that is completely ethical as well as comfortable.

  • Seamorgens offer women’s leggings and swimsuits that are made from recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets and other sustainable materials.
  • Fish People creates eco-friendly leggings, rash guards, tops and hoodies.
  • Oceans develop men’s shorts made from 100 per cent recycled plastic waste.

But it does not stop there! SiiZu offers very fashionable eyewear in a wide range of styles with full sun protection.

There are so many ethical gifts for divers who want to look good and feel good about it!

5. Adopt a marine animal.

Many marine species need our help. Animals including manatees, sharks, seals, whales, dolphins, and many more are facing threats to their survival.

Some incredible charities are dedicated to protecting sea life. Adopting a marine animal is a fantastic gift for any animal-loving scuba diver.

They will receive regular updates about how their animal is doing and news on the amazing work the charity is undertaking.

  • Oceana has a wide range of marine life to adopt, which helps the charity to fund its vital marine conservation work.

6. Reusable coffee cup.

Ahh, there is nothing like a nice, hot coffee after a dive! But single-use coffee cups are wasteful and unnecessary.

Thankfully, there are some gorgeous reusable cups available for caffeine-loving divers.

  • Pottery For The Planet has a wide range of reusable cups in very cute designs.
  • KeepCupalso offers beautiful glass options that you can use over and over again.

But why stop there? Reusable cutlery, straws, and bags are all widely available and help the planet enormously.


7. Reef-safe sunscreen.

Coral reefs are vital for the survival of our planet. They host more than a quarter of all marine life, including over 4000 species of fish and protect coastlines from storm surges. Over half a billion people rely on coral reefs for their food, income, and protection.

Sadly, many sunscreens are developed with harmful ingredients that are toxic for corals.

Your diving friend obviously adores the ocean and would love to stay protected from the sun, while also protecting coral reefs.

So, treat them to one of our favorite eco travel gifts for divers; reef-safe sunscreen.

  • Sun Bum has vegan and reef-safe sunscreen that is water resistant and offers protection in the ocean for up to 80 minutes.
  • Australian Goldoffers 100% mineral sunscreen and leaves a non-greasy finish.
  • Other top reef-safe sunscreen companies include Stream2Sea, MooGoo, and Raw Elements.

Any ocean fan would be happy to receive these thoughtful, sustainable gifts for divers. Which one will you go for?

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