SSI celebrates eight years of digital learning

In 2015, SSI decided to go completely digital and has been changing the way people learn to dive ever since. The transition from being a print-based company to a fully digital one not only made SSI´s footprint greener but also resulted in the entire company becoming more environmentally and economically sustainable.

SSI was the first training agency to automate and digitize all registration and certification processes for students and professionals. Today thisdigital revolutionincludes complete student kits comprised of training materials, videos, and certification processing. SSI continues to further its digital offerings with the recent addition of Digital Training Records and the upcoming implementation of a fully digital forms archive for Centers and Pros.

When SSI was building its digital database over eight years ago, it took extensive steps to create a system that has produced a proven track record of 99.9% system availability with multiple backups and a strong global content delivery network. This resulted in the most dependable, user-friendly, and feature-rich platform in the industry. SSI employs a fully staffed IT team which provides SSI Centers and Pros with 24/7 IT system maintenance and support.

Over the last eight years of SSI’sdigital revolution,the MySSI system has grown to maintain 12k+ files in the download area, available in more than 35 languages. The depth of SSI’s database allows the MySSI system to cater to the daily needs of 3,500+ Dive Centers, 100k+ Professionals, and 3 million active users without interruption, making SSI the true leader in Digital Learning.

Check out this video to learn why dealers, pros, and divers are switching to SSI in record numbers. Join thedigital revolution today! Contact SSI to find out how easy it is to join the SSI family.

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