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Curious about rebreather diving but unsure know where to start? Dive into the world of rebreathers with this entry-level rebreather diving certification. The SSI SCR Diving program is a great option for divers looking to either get up close to marine life, extend their bottom times, or generally increase their dive times. Join the exciting world of rebreather diving! Read on to find out more.

Welcome to the world of rebreather diving.

What is the SSI SCR Diving program?

If you are looking to try SCR rebreather diving with a training approach and system that is easy to use, natural to dive with, safe, and designed for all levels of diver, the SSI SCR Diving program is for you. In this rebreather diving program, you will learn the ins and outs of using semi-closed diving rebreathers (SCR) and learn how to conduct no-decompression dives up to 30 meters/100 feet deep. This SSI Extended Range program is conducted using the Horizon SCR; a unique semi-closed rebreather crafted from the decades of expertise behind Mares and rEvo rebreathers. START THE ADVENTURE! BECOME AN SSI SCR DIVER TODAY.

Typical semi-closed rebreather diving students:

  • Potential students will have a moderate amount of diving experience and enough general diving knowledge to understand the limitations of open-circuit SCUBA.
  • They are keen to find ways around those limitations.
  • They do not necessarily have an interest in increasing their depth or in conducting such intense new training.
  • But they would like the ability to learn how to dive safely with an SCR within the no-decompression limits.
  • Typical students may also be keen photographers or videographers.
  • These potential students may be keen to try SCR diving to enable them to have longer bottom times.
  • More importantly, SCR diving allows them to get closer to marine life without disturbing it.

Benefits of rebreather diving for SSI Professionals.

There is a growing demand for committed, passionate SCR Diving instructors and the Mares Horizon is a game-changer in rebreather diving. Training centers are seeking out SCR Diving instructors in order to be able to add SCR training programs to their facilities.
  • SCR Diving instructors bring an additional revenue source to the training center by increasing the variety of programs that can be taught, including acquisition programs such as Try SCR.
  • SCR instructors bring their knowledge of semi-closed rebreather diving to the training center, which will encourage and promote more students to try it out.
The SCR Diving instructor certification is also a prerequisite for teaching other XR specialty programs in the SCR configuration, such as Extended Range Foundations, Cave Diving or Extended Range Wreck Diving. ENHANCE YOUR CAREER – BECOME AN SSI REBREATHER INSTRUCTOR.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

1. Can the SCR Diving program be taught by an instructor diving in a CCR?

No, the SCR instructor must be wearing the same SCR as the student. Rationale: It goes without saying that accurate and clear demonstrations can only be made when the instructor is in the same equipment configuration as the student. The student needs to accurately see the skill being made on the exact equipment that they are wearing in order for understanding and memory retention. Even after all demonstrations have been completed, the instructor should be providing role model performance and actions for the student to observe and replicate.

2. Can the SCR Diving program be conducted on any SCR unit?

No, the SSI SCR Diving program is built for training with the Mares Horizon SCR. Rationale: Each SCR is unique in terms of its design, function and construction. The skills learned during the SSI SCR Diving program are specific to the Mares Horizon SCR and may not be applied to other SCR units on the market. The certification of the program is explicitly unit specific for the Mares Horizon SCR.

3. I was registered for the SCR Extended Range program but I am unable to complete the final two open water dives. Can I be certified as an SCR Diver instead?

Yes! As long as the performance requirements for the SCR Diving certification have been met, you can be certified in SCR Diving. Your instructor will find this program option available when they come to process your certification. Rationale: SSI is a progressive training agency and would prefer to provide multiple certification options rather than to provide no certification when a program cannot be completed in its entirety. In this case, the student can be certified as an SCR Diver and then at a later date can upgrade to SCR Extended Range using the upgrade section of MySSI.

4. I am an experienced CCR diver and I want to join the SCR Diving program. Must I complete the whole program?

No. As a certified CCR diver, there is a shortened route to becoming an SCR Diver. Rationale: A certified CCR diver has rebreather diving experience. The in-water process to learn and dive in an SCR is more simple and straightforward in comparison to a diver with no rebreather experience. In the SCR Diving standards, the final section called "Unit crossovers" outlines the reduced program requirements. READ MORE: TOP 10 RED SEA DIVE SITES FOR XR DIVERS.     C-Card of SCR Diving Divers with a semiclosed Rebreather