CCR Diving - Introducing the JJ CCR Rebreather

SSI is very happy to announce that they have now added the JJ CCR closed-circuit rebreather to the list of rebreather units available for CCR diving training.

Introducing the JJ CCR Rebreather.

The JJ CCR is built for all types of terrain and can be adapted to handle the most demanding adventures. The environment the JJ CCR was built for demands a rebreather that is simple and sturdy in regard to handling and ruggedness, independent of the situation and operational environment. All of the components of the JJ CCR have been carefully selected and are there for a reason. Each detail has a purpose and every solution can be justified. The versatility of the rebreather makes it adaptable for whatever dive you are planning. The philosophy behind the JJ CCR is to keep it simple, with robust construction and minimalistic work detail - making it easy to handle before, during, and after the dive. The JJ CCR is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and is ready to fly right out of the box. Fill it with Sofnolime 797 and serious adventures are about to begin. READ MORE: START REBREATHER DIVING TODAY – SSI SCR DIVING.

JJ CCR features:

  • Highly robust aluminum housing to which it is possible to secure up to four cylinders (2-12L) using conventional cylinder belts.
  • User-repackable axial scrubber canister.
  • Heavy duty stand and an integrated handle.
  • Back-mounted (over the shoulder) counterlungs.
  • Redundant power supply—one battery for the controller, one battery for the heads-up display, and two parallel batteries for the solenoid.
  • Integrated auto-diluent valve.
  • Dive surface valve.
  • Oxygen and diluent manual addition valves with the option to feed in external gases.
  • Independent digital heads-up display with real-time display of ppO2 for all three oxygen sensors.
  • Reliable controller with an integrated Shearwater multi-gas decompression computer.

What CCR Diving programs are available for the JJ?

The following programs are now available using the JJ CCR:
  • CCR Diving.

Learn more about CCR diving.

Contact your local SSI training center for further details on how you can become a JJ CCR diver or browse the range of SSI rebreather diving programs. READ MORE: 10 DIVE TRAVEL ESSENTIALS FOR XR DIVERS.

CCR Diving FAQs:

1. What is a CCR rebreather?

A CCR rebreather, or closed-circuit rebreather, recycles dive breathing gas in a closed system that makes your diving silent and almost bubble-free.

2. How does a CCR rebreather work?

When you use open-circuit diving equipment, the majority of your gas is bubble away every time you breathe out and your gas use increases significantly as you dive deeper. A CCR rebreather retains all of your exhaled gas, filters and refreshes it, then recycles it so you can breathe it again. It absorbs the carbon dioxide from your exhaled breath, so the unused oxygen content of that breath can be rebreathed.

3. What are the advantages of CCR diving?

CCR diving allows you to become a natural part of the ocean environment and get closer to marine life than ever before, thanks to being silent and bubble-free. You can also dive deeper, stay down longer, minimise your gas use and enjoy shorter deco times than comparative dives using open-circuit scuba equipment. JOIN THE SILENT WORLD OF REBREATHER DIVING WITH SSI.