The Deepest Divers

The largest predatory animal on earth is the sperm whale. They dive more than 1000 meters deep hunting for food. These animals are named after their huge heads, which make up nearly a third of the total length of their bodies. They have the largest, heaviest brain of any species known to have lived on Earth, weighing up to 9.5 kilos. Scuba diving with sperm whales is a beautiful sight you would never forget where you can admire their furrowed skin and marble-like coloration.

It is an extraordinary privilege to swim with such intelligent and social creatures. Females and juveniles live together in pods with up to 15 to 20 individuals. After a deep dive, sperm whales often need to rest in order to off-gas the CO2 build-up in their bodies. This is the perfect moment to see sperm whales underwater. You’ll be afforded the opportunity to witness their unique appearance, fascinating social behavior, and to have fun watching the youngsters play. Click here to find the best places in the world to encounter and dive with sperm whales.