Small and Curious

As the name suggests, the minke whale is the smallest of the great, or rorqual, whales. Nevertheless, it still grows up to 10 meters long and weighs 9 tons. Diving with minke whales is always exciting because of their very curious and playful nature. They migrate to warmer waters every winter so the chance to dive with them in warmer regions is possible.

Minke whales are fast swimmers and can reach maximum speeds near 40 km/h. They live on fish and krill swarms and are often seen near seabirds. Scientists believe that they locate clusters of seabirds to identify potential food sources. The wonderfully inquisitive and gentle character traits of these animals make scuba diving with them a fantastic experience. Find the best places to dive with minke whales and hear their 156 decibel loud sounds by exploring the dive site map below.