The Masters of Acrobatics

Humpback Whales are the greatest acrobats and singers among all the whales. They enjoy breeching, propelling their massive bodies out of the water and falling back in with a huge splash, slapping the water’s surface with their fins, and spyhopping. In addition to the sporty performances of these animals, their singing talent is second to none. One of the most magical moments that can be experienced by any scuba diver is to actually listen to the beautiful symphony of humpback whales while diving underwater. Their songs are very unique because they consist of complex, individual stanzas that repeat themselves. Humpback calves are even known to “whisper” to their mothers.

The humpback whale is named after the special way its back curves, forming a hump, during its descent into deeper waters. Characteristic of these animals are their long flippers and the striking fluke with which the whale often slaps on the surface of the sea. The approximately 15-meter-long mammals are not shy to humans, which makes scuba diving with humpback whales even more remarkable. Seeing these active whales swimming and playing is an amazing experience that will never be forgotten. They make extensive seasonal migrations from nutrient rich polar feeding grounds in the summer to the warm waters of Hawaii and Mexico in the winter. Find out where you can find these fantastic singers here.