The Giants of the Ocean

With a length of 33 meters and a weight of up to 200 tons, blue whales are the largest and heaviest animals that have ever lived on planet Earth. This creature owes its name to the pale blue to gray coloration of its back, whereas it’s belly is usually a white or yellowish color. To join this species during its search for food is to experience a magnificent and unprecedented moment most scuba divers will never get to experience.

Blue whales can stay underwater for up to 20 minutes and often travel alone or in pairs. Witness first-hand the underwater symphony put on by blue whales, listening to these fantastic sounds during a dive. They can hear each other underwater for distances up to 1000 kilometers. Whale watching from a boat is great, but scuba diving with blue whales is indescribable. From the surface you can spot these amazing animals by their water spout that reaches up to 12 meters high. The best places to swim with blue whales are in Sri Lanka and the Pacific waters off Baja California. Learn more about when and where to encounter these magnificent whales here.