The Most Gentle Sharks in the World

The whale shark is not only the largest of all sharks, but also the biggest fish in the world. It can grow up to 20 meters long, weigh 34 tons, and live for over 100 years. Its back can appear gray, brown, or blue in color and is covered with bright white stripes and spots arranged in transverse lines.

In contrast to other sharks, whale sharks move slow and steady through the water, reaching a maximum speed of only 5 km/h. This makes it easy to snorkel and dive with whale sharks, allowing plenty of time for you to enjoy observing these incredible animals. They are very peaceful and completely safe, making swimming with whale sharks an extraordinary experience. Preferring warm waters, they populate all tropical seas. They feed on krill and plankton so it’s easy to predict where they will be congregating throughout the year based on krill and plankton blooms. Find out here where whale sharks are commonly seen throughout the year and plan your next trip to go diving with whale sharks.