Sharks with a Weapon Tail

The thresher shark has a very unusual body shape, making it easy to distinguish from other sharks. Its caudal fin is exceptionally large with a strong tail root. The upper part of the caudal fin can grow to be as long as the entire length of the shark’s body. They use this powerful fin as a weapon when hunting, using the elongated tail to hit smaller fish and stun them before eating. Experiencing this unique hunting method live is like nothing you’ve seen before while scuba diving.

Thresher sharks are also known as one of the few shark species to be able to breach out of the water. They have been reported to be seen not only jumping fully out of the water but also twisting their bodies like dolphins. You can find them in tropical and subtropical regions both near the coast and in the open ocean. Although they can dive up to 500 meters, they prefer staying in the upper water column. While diving with thresher sharks make sure you behave very calmly, as they are often shy and easily scared away. However, if they have the chance to get used to the presence of humans, they will come a little closer. Click here to find the best places to dive with thresher sharks, one of the most beautiful sharks in the sea.