The Fastest Fish on Earth

The mako shark has an incredibly special skin structure that allows it to swim up to 80 km/h, making them the fastest fish in the world. Due to its speed, they can cover enormous distances of up to 55 km per day and can actually jump up to 9 meters out of the water! These animals can be found throughout the world’s oceans in both tropical and temperate waters.

Mako sharks are distinguished between two species, the shortfin mako shark and the longfin mako shark. They can reach lengths of 2-4 meters and belong to the family of mackerel sharks, like their cousins the great whites. Characteristic of them is their pointed snout, curved, enlarged front teeth, and big eyes. Wouldn’t you like to dive with mako sharks, the world’s fastest shark? There are only a handful of places divers can reliably encounter them. Click here to find out where.