The Most Studied Shark Species

Contrary to the lemon shark’s menacing grimace with their protruding curved teeth, these animals are actually quite gentle and non-aggressive towards humans. As such, they are very popular amongst scuba divers for baited shark diving throughout the world. They can be found in shallow waters along the coastal areas of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, preferring to stay near coral reefs, mangroves, and bays. Because they are easy to find and survive well in captivity, they are actually the best known and most researched of all shark species.

They get their name from their distinctive yellow color and are large in size compared to other species. They tend to live alone but form small groups from time to time. These strong looking sharks have a broad diet covering all manner of fish, rays, crustaceans, and even other sharks. Diving with lemon sharks is always exciting, especially if you are taking part in an actual shark dive. During these famous dives, experienced dive operators usually circle the divers up and chum the water in the center of the circle while you sit back and watch them swim right over top of you, feeding on the chum. Click on the map below to explore the many places around the world where you can experience the thrill of diving with lemon sharks.