Masters of Camouflage

An octopus has eight arms with suction cups which it uses as powerful tools for hunting prey, defense against attackers, and locomotion along the seafloor. They are one of the most fascinating marine animals on the planet. Every octopus has a designated “arm“ that it favors and uses most often. Because they have no inner skeleton, they are extremely mobile and can slip through the narrowest gaps and holes. Some species can even survive and move on land for a short time. Scuba diving with an octopus is an amazing and rewarding experience.

Octopuses are highly intelligent animals. They can perform complex tasks such as unscrewing jars and using tools. Their most amazing feature, however, may be their ability to adapt to any environment by changing their color and surface texture in an instant. They are truly the masters of camouflage. Go diving with octopuses and you’ll encounter firsthand how interesting and incredible these animals really are. But move slowly, they are very shy. Click here to discover where you can dive with the different kinds of species around the world like the giant Pacific octopus or the blue-ringed octopus.