Ferraris of the Ocean

Tuna are the sea’s mightiest swimmers and one of its most agile predators. With a sleek, streamlined, torpedo-shaped body built for speed, this pelagic species can reach speeds up to 75 km/h (45 mph). Unfortunately, however, this speed is no match for the commercial fishing that threatens some of their populations. As a result of overfishing, tuna fish species like the southern bluefin tuna are nearing extinction.

Many people love to eat tuna; however, diving with tuna is a special treat. This impressive fish species can grow up to 226 kg (500 lbs) and 3 m (10 ft) in length. You can encounter them on more advanced dives off of ocean pinnacles and in open water. There are 15 species of tuna inhabiting the tropical and subtropical seas of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Explore the map below to find where you can go diving with tuna.