The Master Ambush Predator

Scorpionfish are one of the most venomous yet undetectable fish species in the sea. These ambush predators are experts at blending into their environment as they sit and wait patiently on top of the reef for unsuspecting prey to swim by. Ranging in color from dull browns and yellow to bright reds and oranges, scorpionfish perfectly match the surrounding reef and even exhibit feathery fins or skin flaps to better camouflage with neighboring coral.

Also called rockfish or stonefish, the Indian and Pacific Oceans are home to over 200 known scorpionfish species, with the highest concentration found in the warm, coral-filled waters of the Indian and South Pacific Oceans. Diving with scorpionfish is exciting; however, take caution and stay a safe distance away as their venomous spines make them one of the most poisonous animals in the ocean. Plan a dive trip to see these beautiful yet dangerous fish by exploring where they are found on the dive site map below.