Small But Mighty Reef Protectors

Damselfish are a common sighting amongst coral reefs throughout the tropical regions of the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific oceans. There are around 250 different species of these small fish, all within the Pomacentridae family. Damselfish are easily recognized by their rounded bodies, elongated dorsal fin, and small, forked caudal fin. Juveniles are especially enjoyable to see as they are typically covered in vibrant spots.

Highly territorial, you will typically see damselfish aggressively guarding their small area of the reef from other fish and even divers who approach too closely. But don’t fear, at an average size of only 15 cm (6 in), they cannot cause much harm. In fact, diving with damselfish can become nearly comedic as they attempt to fight you off if you hover near their territory too long. Explore the map below to find where you can go diving with damselfish.