Confident Ocean Predators

Despite their protruding teeth, menacing grin, and aggressive predatory status, barracuda are actually completely passive towards divers and snorkelers, although passing by a large adult can still be intimidating to the most experienced scuba diver. They are found in tropical and temperate oceans throughout the world, preferring to cruise over coral reefs, seagrass beds, and near the surface of the water, never venturing very deep; therefore, they are commonly sighted while scuba diving.

Barracuda are easily identifiable by their shiny, silvery color, long, snake-like body, and sharp, fang-like teeth protruding from their pointy heads. These sleek swimmers are fast, dynamic, and almost mesmerizing to watch as they patrol the waters with a calm confidence about them. If you want to go diving with barracudas, explore the map below to find the best dive sites around the world where they have been sighted.