The Most Popular Freshwater Game Fish

The bass is a perch-like fish encompassing many different species, both marine and freshwater. He can be found in lakes, streams and rivers all around the world, are one of the most popular game fish, and a favorite catch for fishermen. The largemouth bass is probably the most well-known and includes big mouth, black, largies, bucketmouth, wide mouth, and green bass, just to name a few.

Diving with freshwater bass is always fun as they can grow to be quite large and prefer warmer, shallow, clear water - easy to find. They, especially the largemouth, are native to eastern and central United States and northern Mexico, but have been widely introduced as a sport fish all over the world, making them easy to dive with in lakes and rivers around the globe. If you want to go diving with them, check out the map below and explore the most popular dive sites where they have been seen.