The Larena (Wreck)

The Larena wreck is a Japanese hospital ship which sunk in 1945 and lies at 30-35m. The wreck is truly is well preserved. Located close to the Larena pier, it can be subject to strong currents and poor visibility.

Strong currents made it hard for growth, but, never the less, there is a small variety of coral grown on the ship, and inhabiting reef fish.

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Dive sites nearby

Nonoc Shoal

Nonoc Shoal is in close proximity to the Larena Harbor. It is a wall dive and strong currents and bad visibility can occur at this dive site, making it one of the more difficult sites in Siquijor.

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Nonoc Sanctuary

Nonoc Marine Sanctuary is a very special dive site. As a marine sanctuary it is protected by the Philippine government to keep the beauty of the coral alive. A small entrance fee lets you explore the beautiful coral and reef fish living in it. This shallow site is great for snorkeling as well.

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Tulapos Marine Sanctuary

A fantastic coral garden that begins at 5 meters and gently slopes to 22 meters. This is a marine sanctuary but man-made. The area was installed with a number of concrete crosses signifying the Catholic faith of the nation creating a graveyard effect for an artificial reef to grow.

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Daquit Shoal

Daquit Shoal is a beautiful dive site that must be reached by boat, as it is a bit far from land. The Shoal pinnacle already starts at 5m and you will find its most beautiful coral down at about 25m.

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Olang Sanctuary

This site is a beautiful sanctuary just off a beach in the east of Siquijor. This is a perfect spot for beginers and snorkelers. It is very colorful and full of fish.

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Salagdoong Beach

Here you will find a gradual Slope with big half-submerged rock formations outlining it. A lot of invertebrates such as beautiful corals, soft corals and also, pipes and tunicates.

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Tongo Point

The gentle slope of this dive site starts at about 12m, going all the way to 65m. On some days you can encounter quite strong currents in Tongo Point.

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Coco Grove House Reef

A shallow slope makes this the perfect site for beginners. Just in front of Coco Grove resort, you will find a beautiful and colorful variety of coral and small fish. This site is easy to dive and not a lot of current.

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One of the most popular shore entries in Siquijor is 1,3 kilometers south of San Juan town center. You will find on the right side the John Lhea Resort sign board. Turn in and check in at Dive Point DC which is located there for a shore dive in Coral Garden. A great site for a night dive.

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Pasihagon is named after the Barangay close to the site. This site is a gently sloped wall and is one of the less busy dive sites of Siquior. You will find the typical coral species here.

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