26.3024, 34.8633

1480 Logged Dives

Little Brother

Brothers Island, or El Akhawen, is a “must dive“ for every diver that visits Egypt. This dive site can be reached only via liveaboard boats. The location contains two islands, the small and the big island. This is a more advanced dive as it can have strong currents and deep drop-offs with lots of shark sightings.

The dive site locals include the oceanic whitetip shark, hammerhead sharks, and gray reef sharks, as well as mantas if you are lucky!


This data is provided from the logbook information in the MySSI app


  • Wall/Drop Off
  • Drift Diving


  • Advanced
  • Expert


  • Extended Range (XR)
  • Scuba


  • Boat

Body of Water

  • Salt


  • no
  • moderate
  • medium

Maximum Depth

  • 32m


  • 26m
This data is provided by divers logging their dives in the mySSI App
Wildlife Diversity
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Oceanic Whitetip Shark
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Oceanic Whitetip Shark


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