Diving in Tirol

There are few mountain landscapes as beautiful as the glorious alpine scenery of the Tirol, dotted with glittering mountain lakes. During the summer months, scuba diving in Tirol offers a fantastic combination of awe-inspiring mountains and crystal clear spring-fed lakes, a picture-perfect setting for divers. The approved Tyrolean lakes’ dive sites offer enough for both amateur and professional scuba divers, giving them the opportunity to explore the beautiful Austrian lake life while exploring its fascinating possibilities and underwater delights. Tyrolean mountain lakes such as the Lake Blindsee, for instance, are known for their large fish population and sunken tree trunks. Whether you’re simply taking a stroll along by the lakeside having fun with friends, or relaxing in the shade and soaking up the views, summers in the Tirol are special and there is plenty to do when you’re not in the water. If you are a big fan of Mother Nature, then be sure to have your binoculars to catch fascinating mountaintop glimpses of this exciting Austria holiday dive destination. The friendly locals, serene environment and tasty Austrian delicacies are all characteristics of Tirol’s side-attractions, making your scuba diving expedition to the region a truly memorable experience.

Dive Sites in Tyrol

Featured places to go in Tyrol


addition to the good visibility, the lake is known for its fascinating Austrian underwater life

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Lakes Fernsteinsee and Samaranger See

These two Tyrolean dive sites are situated next to each other. They are among the most beautiful mountain lakes of all.

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Aquatic Life in Tyrol

The Austrian lakes are not only a great backdrop for hikes or fresh for freshwater swimming, they get even more interesting below the surface. Tyrolean lakes feature some of Austria’s fascinating, low-turbidity (with a visibility of up to 20 meters) and rich underwater life, offering beautiful experiences for scuba divers of various skill sets. The good visibility allows for excellent underwater navigation so you can enjoy the large fish population, sunken tree trunks and other underwater features that characterize Tyrolean freshwater life. There are various fish such as trout, char, perch, bream, carp, as well as crayfish. A deviation is the Blindsee mountain lake, which has a maximum depth of about 20 meters (66ft) and warms up relatively quicker than other lakes generally would. Samaranger See and Fernsteinsee are the other two popular dive sites in the region.