Diving in Steiermark

Steiermark (known as Styria in English) and its glorious landscapes have earnt it the nickname “the green heart of Austria“, in large part because nearly 60 per cent of the 16,000 square-kilometer (9,942 square mile) area is richly forested. With the Alps in the north, and another aptly-nicknamed are known as the “Styrian Tuscany“ in the south, along with the extensive and beautiful river valleys, diversity is probably one word that best describes Steiermark. With a height of 2,995 meters (9,826ft), the jewels in its crown are the highest mountain in Styria, the Dachstein, and the 300km (186-mile)-long Mur, which is the longest river. The Styrian capital Graz is also the second largest city in Austria – only Vienna, the federal capital, has more inhabitants. Its stunning mountain scenery is matched only by the wonderful sights that can be explored below the surface of the lakes in the region. Steiermark’s crystal clear mountain lakes enjoy a transparency that is second to none, thanks to receiving much of their water from snowmelt. Then you can count on the extraordinary wealth of fish and plants to make Styria one of the most attractive diving areas in Europe, with parts of meadows often covered by the clear waters, creating an unusual habitat under the water.

Featured places to go in Styria


The Grundlsee is one of the most versatile diving waters in Austria, where steep walls can be found as well as shallow water zones with a variety of animals.

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The Altaussee lake itself is considered one of the most beautiful in the region.

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Grüblsee is exceptional for diving opportunities with numerous fish species as well as several underwater sights.

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Whether you are looking for wreck diving or ice diving, Copacabana has it all and welcomes all types of divers, from beginners to those with disabilities.

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Grüner See

Grüner See a fantastic dive site for beginners.

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Dive Sites in Styria

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