Diving the South Coast

Cuba’s south coast is filled with many different dive sites. You will find Jardines de Reina, also known as the Galapagos of the Caribbean way offshore, with countless islands and reefs. South of Havana you will find Isla de la Juventud, which is Spanish for the Isle of Youth; this place is also known by divers as Treasure Island, due to the famous novel with the same name that was written in this place; Isla de la Juventud is filled with colorful reefs, significant drop-offs, and plenty of wrecks. The small island of Cayo Largo has plenty of beautiful reefs and fine sandy beaches. Other must-visit places with incredible beaches and charming towns are Playa Giron and Playa Larga. History abounds on this side of the coast, with famous adventurers like Christopher Columbus having explored it. Easy shore dives, perfect for beginner divers can be found all around the south coast, as well as reef dives and cenote diving for the more adventurers. This area is famous for its spectacular shark encounters and amazing underwater views with colorful corals, diverse marine species and brilliant sponges. Friendly wild dolphins in their natural habitat can also be found here, as well as crocodiles swimming among the mangroves.

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