Diving in Ratak Chain

Two island groups make up The Marshall Islands: the Ratak chain and Ralik chain. Ratak means sunshine, and this chain is located on the east, while Ralik means sunset, and this chain is located on the west. These parallel island chains have 29 coral atolls, thousands of tiny islets, and hundreds of small low-lying islands. One interesting fact is that no Marshall island exceeds 20 feet (6 meters) above the sea level. The Marshall Islands is a group of idyllic islands and a world-famous destination with plenty of white sandy beaches, tall palm trees, and turquoise lagoons. The capital of the Ratak chain is Majuro, which also happens to be the main island with the largest population in the country. Divers can also find the most popular dive sites of the Marshall Islands in Majuro. Diving in Majuro you will see abundant coral pristine reefs surrounding the island. You can also discover world-class dive sites with wrecks, pinnacles, and breathtaking drop-offs. Divers will find incredibly high visibility, perfect for admiring the abundant marine life. Due to the government’s establishment of a 772,000-square mile (2000 sq kms) shark sanctuary in the islands, unforgettable shark encounters are almost guaranteed. If you want the authentic Robinson Crusoe experience, you can take a charter boat out to Arno Atoll, one of the most pristine, beautiful diving destinations in the world.

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