Diving in Ralik Chain

Two island groups make up The Marshall Islands: the Ratak chain and Ralik chain. Ratak means sunshine, and this chain is located on the east, while Ralik means sunset, and this chain is located on the west. These parallel island chains have 29 coral atolls, thousands of tiny islets, and hundreds of small low-lying islands. One interesting fact is that no Marshall island exceeds 20 feet (6 meters) above the sea level. The Marshall Islands is a group of idyllic islands and a world-famous destination with plenty of white sandy beaches, tall palm trees, and turquoise lagoons. Diving in the Ralik chain, you will find the largest coral atoll on the planet, the Kwajalein Atoll. Keep in mind that the Kwajalein Atoll is rented out to the U.S. Military as a missile testing range, so it’s off limits for non-military personnel. The Ralik Chain is one of the places with the best diving in the Marshall Islands. Another must-visit site is Rongelap, which used to be a U.S. atomic bomb testing site around the 1950s, but it’s now open to divers; here, you will find great diving and extensive biodiversity, because of its non-fishing status. Another important dive site in the Ralik Chain is Bikini Atoll, where you will find historical shipwreck diving as it once used as a U.S. Navy ship graveyard following WWII. The Ralik Chain has it all, from astounding fish populations and dive sites for the beginners, to world-class wreck diving for the adventurers.

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