Diving in Peru

Peru sits on the west coast of South America and is famous for its history, culture, and gastronomy, all influenced by its ancient Inca Civilization. Thousands of tourists travel here yearly to visit popular sites such as Machu Pichu in Cuzco, Lake TitiCaca in Puno, and the Nazca Lines in Ica. Peru is a country full of adventure with an excellent tourism structure, mountains, ocean, jungle, and friendly people.

Scuba diving in Peru is not a very popular activity; however, with over 2,000 kilometers bordering the Pacific Ocean, there is plenty of coastline to explore. Peru is best known as the land of the Incas. The Andes Mountains are a beautiful backdrop for this country’s famous culture and gastronomy. Peru diving, however, also has its charm. With temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, you will need a thicker wetsuit. Peru diving includes sea lion-filled kelp forests, an abandoned oil platform, and many other fantastic dives. End your day with one of Peru’s incredible sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

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You can find excellent diving opportunities in Peru between the beautiful beaches of Santa Maria and Pucusana.

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The Piura region offers the most extraordinary marine ecosystems on earth making it to a magical place to go scuba diving.

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