Diving in the Moscow Area

Thanks to the popularity of diving in Moscow, several dive clubs actively plan diving activities to dive sites in the Moscow Region. The Spas-Kamenka Quarry in the Dmitrovsky district is only 25 kilometers from Moscow and has a maximum depth of 24 meters and visibility of 4-5 meters. At the quarry’s bottom, there is a flooded forest and a pumping station. This is a popular dive destination as there is a fully equipped year-round dive center and hotel on site. Dolomitovy Quarry is in the Shchelkovo district, 22 kilometers from Moscow, with a maximum depth of 18 meters and visibility of 10 meters, and Lake Borovoe is in the Noginsk Region, 50 kilometers from Moscow with 20 meters depth and 4-5 meters visibility. There are fully equipped year-round dive centers on-site at both of these locations as well.

Wildlife Encounters in Moscow Area

Dive Sites to visit in Moscow Area