Diving in Mombasa

Situated on the southern region of Kenya’s coast lies the bustling city of Mombasa, where you can find the most popular diving in Kenya. The majority of dive centers present in this area are here, including a few just south in Diani Beach. Most Mombasa diving offers daily two-tank dive trips, night dives, and wreck diving adventures. This region boasts three National Marine Reserves: Mombasa Marine Park, Diani Chale Marine National Reserve, and Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park. The outstanding beauty and uniqueness of these three magnificent reserves make the southern coast of Kenya a worldwide recognized diving destination. Both beginners and experienced divers can enjoy these beautiful, colorful waters. Diving in Mombasa offers easy, shallow dives with excellent visibility, perfect for all entry-level courses. Looking for more adventure? These Kenya dive sites also include deep dives, often characterized by a strong current, suitable for experienced divers. Thanks to the MV Dania, a Norwegian cargo ship sunk intentionally as an artificial reef, wreck divers will also enjoy all that Mombasa diving has to offer. Most dive centers are located inside of the hotels, with dive boats usually departing directly from the beach. It typically takes 20-30 minutes to reach the best Mombasa dive sites.

Dive Sites to visit in Mombasa

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Kisite is known as the ’home of dolphins’ and impresses with a reef that descends to 32 meters strong currents.

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Wildlife Encounters in Mombasa

Bordered by magnificent beaches, Mombasa dive sites are some of Kenya’s busiest offshore protected reserves. Protecting mangroves, coral reefs, and seagrass beds provide habitat to a vast array of Kenya marine life. Expect to be awed by healthy coral interspersed with sponges of many shapes, colors, and sizes. These reefs are thriving with 360 species of Indian Ocean fish, including spadefish, blue-lined snapper, fusiliers, and surgeonfish. Larger species include barracudas and Napoleon Wrasse. Living within the waters of Mombasa’s Marine Parks are five species of sea turtles, three dolphin species, and migrating humpback whales from July to October. Whale sharks even appear between November and February in Kisite Marine Park.