Diving in Makkah

Diving in Makkah Province offers a unique blend of spectacular Red Sea marine life, fascinating culture, and delicious cuisine. This region is home to the best diving in Saudi Arabia. Makkah Provence is fast becoming a diving mecca, where most of the Saudi cities that offer scuba diving are found. The coastal town of Jeddah offers excellent daily diving through a combination of resort shore dives and boat dives. Jeddah’s coral reefs will capture the attention of even the most seasoned diver. Jeddah is the most mature city in regards to diving in Saudi Arabia, with plenty of famous wrecks accessible to divers of all levels.

Another great city for diving is Rabigh, which offers some of the best dive sites in Saudi Arabia, including the very popular Five Sisters Reef. This area features a nearly untouched, vast shoreline. Makkah Provence also includes Allaith and its offshore islands that boast excellent reefs and the legendary wreck of a Portuguese fleet—shipwrecked in the 17th century. Most of the fleet ran aground on the coral reef islands, where it still lies today, awaiting discovery. Water temperatures range from 23 - 30 C throughout the year, making diving in Saudi Arabia excellent year-round.

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