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Lisbon (Lisboa) is the capital city of Portugal and the cultural epicenter of this beautiful country. Diving in Lisbon is available year-round with several dive centers in Sesimbra and Cascais. The best time to go diving in Lisbon is spring to autumn (April to October) when water temperatures are a bit warmer, 16-22 degrees C (60-71 degrees F). Visibility is average, from 3-8m (10-26ft), but can reach up to 15m (49ft) at times. The most popular dive area in Lisbon is Sesimbra, just south of the capital, and is considered the diving mecca of Portugal. Diving in Sesimbra offers it all from deep rocky reefs, walls, and underwater caves to exciting shipwrecks and great shallow snorkeling sites, something for every level of diver.

Some of the most popular dive sites in Lisbon include the massive wreck of the River Gurara, a 170m (557ft) long Nigerian cargo ship, Arcanzil, Cabo Espichel, and Arrábida National Park with its beautiful sheer cliffs. All of these sites lay within a protected harbor. Another popular diving area in Lisbon is Fonte de Telha. This area is more exposed to the open Atlantic Ocean, therefore, giving divers a better chance as spotting larger marine life like dolphins, rays, and ocean sunfish (mola mola).

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