Diving in Krabi Province

Krabi could easily be voted the most beautiful and relaxing province in all of Thailand. Located in Southwest Thailand with over 200 jungle covered islands dotting the coast, Krabi boasts miles of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, refreshing natural springs, amazing caves, awe-inspiring limestone cliffs, and lush jungles just waiting to be explored. In fact, the beaches found in this area are Thailand’s superstars; many of which have been featured in Hollywood movies, the most popular being Phi Phi Island. Although some areas of Krabi can be fairly remote, the time taken to travel there is well worth it! Just make sure you plan to travel during Krabi’s cooler dry season between the months of November and April. Scuba diving in Krabi is nothing short of amazing. Water temperatures in Krabi are a diver’s dream, averaging between 27 and 30 degrees C, depending on the season. This area boasts protected marine parks with spectacular visibility, thriving coral reefs, exciting swim-throughs, and intriguing wrecks. Dive operators can be found in Ao Nang and Railay Beach, giving you access to some of Thailand’s best dive sites.

Aquatic Life in Krabi Province

The waters surrounding Krabi attract some of the most diverse marine life in all of Thailand. The reefs are blanketed by a brilliant rainbow of soft and hard corals. Diving over and around these spectacular reefs you are likely to encounter plenty of shark species such as leopard, bamboo, black-tip, gray reef, and, if you are lucky, whale sharks. Schools of large barracuda and grouper often guard the entrances to caverns and swim-throughs. Also, stay on the lookout for sea turtles, stingrays, eagle rays, and occasional manta rays soaring above and around the reefs. In addition to these exciting larger animals, make sure keep your eyes peeled for amazing macro life like neon colored nudibranchs, seahorses, pipefish, shrimp, and ribbon eels. Fish life in Krabi also abound including common Andaman Sea species such as pufferfish, Moorish idols, clown (or anemone) fish, rainbow parrotfish, snapper, boxfish, sweetlips, batfish, cuttlefish, many types of wrasse, and much more!

Dive Sites in Krabi Province