Diving in Kosrae

The main island within the island state of Kosrae has its same name. Kosrae is probably one of the most secluded islands within the Federated States of Micronesia; you will also find it one of the hardest ones to visit: however, the visit is well worth the effort. Relax and stepping back in time to a slower, more peaceful way of life. It’s no surprise that the locals of Kosrae are often considered some of the friendliest people on earth. If you are looking for some of the most pristine diving destinations in the world, Kosrae is the perfect place for you; so much that you shouldn’t be surprised if you are one of the only people out on the dive boat. Shark diving is a preferred activity in Kosrae, and during your thrilling scuba diving adventure, you’ll encounter stingrays, mantas, dolphins, sharks, and eels, among many other species. Visibility in the region is very high, averaging over 100 feet (30 meters), as the waters surrounding this area are some of the cleanest and most transparent in the world. The outer reefs surrounding the island slope steeply into the deep blue and are covered in hundreds of densely packed hard coral species, as well as an abundance of marine life.

Dive Sites in Kosrae

Featured places to go in Kosrae

North Side

In the north, you’ll be able to dive in and outside of the reef and Blue Hole is one of the most famous dive sites here.

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South Side

Walung Drop-Off and Hiroshi Point are two of the most popular dive sites on Kosrae, located toward the southern end of the island.

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Aquatic Life in Kosrae

Waters surrounding Kosrae are teaming with life due to its extremely healthy coral reef system. Hundreds of Pacific barracuda, sharks, spinner dolphins, turtles, and rays swim in this region, and you can expect to encounter most of these species. Diving in this hidden gem, you will find healthy reefs. The high visibility of the area will allow you to admire the varied reef life that includes hundreds of colorful reef fish swimming around you with species such as parrotfish, wrasse, crabs, giant clams, crabs, octopi, lobsters, angelfish, butterflyfish, and many others.