Diving in Haa Dhaalu Makunudhoo

The Makundhoo island is the westernmost island in the Maldives and is an island in the Haa Dhaalu Atoll that is populated by humans so you can find food, accommodations, and business here as well. The Kuda Faru or, ‘Saddle’, dive cluster is located here. It is called this for the symmetrical saddle shape of the area. It is 1,000 meters/half mile longs and begins at 13m/42feet before slowly and gradually dropping to 43m/137feet. At 26m/85feet you will find a large cavern that sits at a depth of 26 meters.

Dive Sites in Haa Dhaalu Makunudhoo

Aquatic Life in Haa Dhaalu Makunudhoo