Diving in the Federated States of Micronesia

Micronesia, a real divers’ paradise, is officially known as the Federated States of Micronesia. This paradise is a vast country that consists of 607 tiny islands, all of which are spread across the western Pacific Ocean. Four primary island states make up this picturesque country: Pohnpei, Kosrae, Chuuk, and Yap. This is a unique remote place, with breathtaking beauty and biodiversity you won’t find anywhere else.

Visit one of the world’s top dive destinations: Micronesia. Divers and Snorkelers from all around the world come every year to visit these picturesque islands. Jaw-dropping shallow reefs, thrilling caverns, and countless walls and drop-offs are part of the scenery. In Yap, you will encounter manta rays and explore many WWII wrecks. You will get the most out of your experience if you hop on a Liveaboard in one of the four primary island states since there are many tiny islands so spread out from one another and this will allow you to see as much of this spectacular region as possible.

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