Diving in Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and is located on its eastern end, surrounded by Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Egypt. The official languages are Greek and Turkish. Dating back to Neolithic times, and the center of many conflicts over the centuries, history abounds here. At nearly 2000m, the highest point is Mount Olympus, and with the Mediterranean circling the entire island, watersports abound.

Cyprus (or the Republic of Cyprus) is a small island country surrounded by the clear, warm Mediterranean Sea. Diving in Cyprus is well known for amazing underwater topography and numerous historic amphorae (ancient transportation vases). Marine life in Cyprus varies widely in shape and size from brightly colored nudibranchs to large, graceful sea turtles. The most famous dive site in Cyprus is the MS Zenobia wreck, which sunk in 1980. It offers advanced and technical divers a fully laden and intact shipwreck to explore. Most diving in Cyprus is from shore, making the experience both relaxing and easy. Water temperature peaks at 30°c and the visibility can reach 30+ meters. The best time to dive in Cyprus is between April and October.

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