Diving in Corsica

The glorious Mediterranean island of Corsica is all mountains, wide bays of soft white sands, cliffs and rocky headlands. This varied topography on land is also reflected in the water, making it a great diving destination. Sun-splashed with clear waters and a visibility of up to 30m (98ft), not to mention myriad marine life and warm waters of 26C (79F) in the summer months, the island is great for divers of all levels. You can join a liveaboard, but most dives on offer are half-day excursions to explore nearby diver sites. The season generally runs from April to October, although it is possible to dive these waters year-round. There are also a whole variety of sites to choose from depending on what you want to experience. There are amazing World War Two wrecks that are a delight for more advanced divers to explore, while nature-lovers can spot everything from octopus to lobster and seahorses. While the waters are mostly calm and clear, there are some strong currents bringing in exciting marine life and the dazzling mix of canyons, pinnacles and dramatic rock formations make diving a real treat. You can explore whole underwater mountains and be dazzled by the granitic cliffs and walls on the west coast and Posidonia meadows to the east.

Dive Sites in Corsica

Aquatic Life in Corsica

They call the spectacular Posidonia meadows here the lungs of the sea as they are teeming with marine life. Beautiful gorgonian fans, yellow sponges and red coral are the pretty backdrop here as you spot everything from grouper to corb. Where the currents are higher, you also have the chance to spot eagle rays and barracuda. Around the wrecks, Anthias swarm and you will see octopus gliding by, while shallower waters also reveal starfish, bream and pretty colored wrasse. Wherever you dive the clear waters make it easy to spot Corsica’s best underwater life.