Diving in Cambodia

Enigmatic Cambodia doesn’t shout about its wonders, but it has plenty of them, from its vast freshwater lake Tonle Sap that feeds nearly half the nation to the ruins of Angkor Wat which are 50 times larger than Peru’s macho Picchu. For a more somber view of the country’s history, a visit to the Khmer Rouge’s killing fields is a must.

It may have less coastline that its near neighbors, but Cambodia is still home to crystalline waters and wonderful islands. You can expect to see beautiful coral and tropical marine life, while enjoying calm, protected waters. Cambodia is also a kingdom of smiles, with locals who have endured a truly difficult history still ready with a dose of optimism and enthusiasm. Add in spectacular Buddhist temples and vibrant cities, mountains and verdant rice paddies, not mention the breathtaking ruins of Angkor Wat, the mighty Mekong wending its way through the country, and some truly wonderful cuisine and you have a South East Asian destination ripe for an adventure.

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Featured places to go in Cambodia

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