Diving in Aruba

Looking for some relaxing beach time? Aruba is the ideal destination. This island has miles of beautiful world-class white sand beaches. Aruba is also an excellent destination for some water sports, like diving & snorkeling, water skiing, parasailing, and due to the constant breeze, you can also find excellent windsurfing and kite surfing. You can stay dry for a couple of days and enjoy the many all-inclusive resorts, casinos, and shopping sites, as well as uncrowded, peaceful beaches. The rugged landscapes of Aruba are perfect for hiking and horseback riding. Aruba is an awe-inspiring destination that offers many possibilities and different types of adventures.

Aruba is the go-to place if you want to explore some of the best wrecks in the Caribbean. Diving in Aruba is a unique and thrilling experience. Beginner divers will find that most dive sites are suitable for them; you will also find a few dive sites with deep water and strong currents for the more advanced divers. Get on a boat and head to one of the many dive sites to reach the beautiful coral reefs, which are further away from the shore. Apart from the many wreck dive sites, Aruba is filled with amazing coral reefs and beautiful marine life such as turtle-filled seagrass gardens.

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Dive Sites in Aruba

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