Diving in Antalya

On Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast is where you will find the Antalya province. Antalya is the fifth largest Turkish province in both population and area, with thousands of years of history, from castles, mosques and churches to historical sites, ancient cities, and many other historical buildings in Antalya. With its location on the shore of the Mediterranean, Antalya is also one of the best diving locations in not only the country of Turkey but the entire region. There are more than 18 dive spots on the Turkish coast here, making the diving completely varied, as well as being both interesting and suitable for divers of all capabilities and experience levels. The water is dazzlingly clear, there are resorts where you can stay and liveaboards to explore further. Not only will you find spectacular wrecks, you can also discover caves and crevices teeming with marine life as well as spectacular reefs. If you’re lucky you can even spot the sea turtles that like to call this area home. If that’s not enough, there are also ancient ruins under the water that are fascinating to explore, as well as tunnels and canyons that create a dramatic and beautiful underwater landscape.

Dive Sites in Antalya

Featured places to go in Antalya

Considered by many divers as the best spot for diving in the entire country, Kas is a must-see location for divers vesting Turkey.

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Aquatic Life in Antalya

There is a great deal of biodiversity in this region and you will be able to see a large sampling of Mediterranean marine life on your dives here. The fish that are local to this area include but are not limited to, grouper, lahos, stingrays, spiny butterfly rays, kingfish, dentex, sargo (also known as white seabreams), sea bream, and multiple species of eels. Depending on the time of year, you may also see lionfish, cornetfish, ax fish, squirrelfish, and cardinalfish. There are also many colorful sea rabbits and sponges that can be seen during any local dive.