Diving in Tanintharyi

Set in the far south of Myanmar, this region is made up of more than 800 islands, making it a fascinating prospect for divers on liveaboards. Known as one of the best kept secrets in Myanmar, the region is still being discovered by divers, with so much still to explore and document. To the south the islands have suffered to an extent from overfishing, but further north there are still pristine sites. Most people join liveaboards as this is the easiest way to explore, there are some small resorts but the vast distances make it hard to travel far when based at one site. Here the lush jungle-clad islands with dazzling white sands give way to an underwater world of crystalline waters, mangrove forests, coral gardens and sea grass that majestic dugongs like to feed on. You’ll also be able to explore dramatic pinnacles and crevices, canyons and tunnels. The Myanmar dive season runs from October to May, but the best time to explore this region is from December to April, when the weather is balmy and mild and unlikely to experience dramatic changes as at other times of year. The waters remain at a comfortable 28C (82F) year-round too.

Featured places to go in Tanintharyi Region

In an archipelago of more than 800 islands, it can be hard to focus on just a few dive sites.

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Aquatic Life in Tanintharyi Region

Tanintharyi is defined by its amazing variety, from dugongs to manta rays, amazing reef sharks to colorful macro such as shrimp, lobsters, crabs and frog fish. Expect a rainbow of coral and huge sea fans, reef fish ranging from scorpion fish to angel fish and rainbow runners to barracuda, pipefish and moray eels. If you’re lucky you may even see nurse sharks and whale sharks as you explore the remote waters, or even a leopard shark gliding by. With fan forests and mangroves, the flora can be just as interesting as the fauna you spot.