Sun Siyam Maldives Completes SSI Lifeguard Course

The Maldivian Ministry of Tourism has announced a new regulation to make swimming and water sports safer for visitors to the Maldives. The staff at Sun Siyam are well prepared and have completed an intensive SSI Lifeguard course to make their resorts safer. At the beginning of this year, the Maldivian Ministry of Tourism announced a new regulation to be implemented by all tourist establishments by September 2021. This regulation should making swimming and watersports activities safer for tourists by having lifeguards on duty. In preparation for this regulation, the general manager for Sun Siyam Diving, SSI Instructor Trainer Koen Zuurbier, along with SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer and base leader of Sun  Siyam Diving Olhuveli Ibrahim Mohamed (Jackie), attended and completed their SSI Beach Lifeguard instructor training. This took place during an intensive five-day SSI Lifeguard course. The ultimate goal is to have lifeguards on-site at swimming facilities around the Sun Siyam Resorts islands. Sun Siyam also plans to have a designated "Lifeguard on Duty" beach zone in a bid to make swimming and in-water recreation at their resorts safer. DISCOVER THE 8 BEST SSI LIFEGUARD PROGRAMS FOR 2021. The Lifeguard course, conducted by SSI Area Manager for the Maldives, Lifeguard Instructor Trainer, and ex-paramedic Martin Langenberg, started with a grueling swim test of 400 meters. This was followed by an underwater swim of 15 meters, and a rescue approach swim of 50 meters, to make sure that the candidates are up to a swimming standard necessary to be able to save lives in the water. Upon passing the swim test, the Lifeguard course continued on with a combination of theoretical and practical training in and out of the water. This gave them the knowledge needed to recognize and respond to problems that can arise at the pool or beach. Once they had passed the requirements to become beach lifeguards, the additional training to bring them up to SSI Lifeguard Instructors began. Due to their current levels within the SSI system, this instructor training was a small step for them. They already have a very good knowledge of the SSI teaching philosophy - Comfort through repetition. "It is amazing that in a country made of islands and surrounded by water there was never a regulation to have lifeguards on duty, until now!" - Koen Zuurbier. To allow for a wider range of inclusivity of candidates, SSI translated the SSI Lifeguard and SSI React Right (first aid & CPR, Oxygen provider & AED) courses into the Maldivian native language of Dhivehi. This is a great new career opportunity for local youth looking for work in the tourism industry. CLICK HERE FOR FEATURED PLACES TO GO IN THE MALDIVES. SSI Lifeguard training by Sun Siyam Diving SSI Lifeguard training by Sun Siyam Diving SSI Lifeguard training by Sun Siyam Diving