SSI Instructor Trainer – Maintaining the Elite

Being an SSI Instructor Trainer is the pinnacle of SSI Professional training and involves a rigorous qualification and application phase. This coveted and exclusive rating is only granted by meeting the highest performance requirements. To maintain that exclusivity, we are enforcing a Training Standards paragraph for Recreational Scuba, Extended Range and Freediving Instructor Trainers. Read on to find out more.

50 years of serving divers worldwide.

For more than 50 years, Scuba Schools International has worked very hard to improve our service, products and market position. All to simply meet the expectations of our members worldwide, while remaining competitive. Constant improvements and new developments have earned SSI the distinctive position of being "The Largest Professional Business Based Training Agency in the World!" This is only possible because of our incredible Training Centers and Professionals. To remain in a leadership position, we must also maintain the integrity of both our brand and training and this is where all Professionals play a role. The expectation for all SSI Professionals is to be role models and conduct SSI training programs with the highest degree of integrity and honesty. All with one goal: upholding the quality of the SSI brand and delivering "The Ultimate Diving Experience!" This expectation is especially true for our Instructor Trainers, the elite of the SSI Professional Community. READ MORE: CALLING ALL DIVE PROS - WHY CHOOSE SSI?

Maintaining the SSI Instructor Trainer "Exclusivity".

Being an SSI Instructor Trainer is an "earned privilege," granted through an intensive qualification and application phase. The coveted SSI Instructor Trainer rating is only granted by meeting the high-performance requirements during training. To protect the integrity of this rating, each SSI Instructor Trainer must meet the Active Teaching Status requirements. Part of those requirements is Exclusivity. To maintain the authenticity of our brand, SSI will now enforce the following SSI Training Standards paragraph for Recreational Scuba, Extended Range and Freediving Instructor Trainers. "Exclusively use the SSI Total Teaching System for all recreational levels and issue only SSI certifications. Only those programs that SSI does not provide materials for can be conducted through another agency." LEAVE THE TOURISTS BEHIND AT THESE 9 REMOTE DIVE SPOTS.

Why make this SSI Instructor Trainer change now?

Over the years, there have been various exceptions for Extended Range and Freediving. By the end of 2021, the entire product range for both will be available and the reasons for training other agencies’ instructors will no longer be valid.

When will this change happen?

Starting January 1, 2022, SSI will enforce the "Exclusivity Standard" for every SSI Instructor Trainer.
  • This simply means that all Active Teaching Status SSI Instructor Trainers must commit to exclusively teaching  SSI courses.
  • Or if you so choose to hold an additional Instructor Trainer rating with another agency, you will drop back to the SSI Instructor

Additional new Training Standard for Instructor Trainers.

There will also be another new Training Standard related to SSI Instructor Trainers. To maintain the SSI Instructor Trainer rating, all SSI Instructor Trainers will now be required to teach a minimum of 1 ITC (Instructor Training Course) every 2 years to maintain Active Teaching Status. This will ensure that all SSI Instructor Trainers stay current and provide the most up-to-date training experience available for their candidates. Please remember, none of this is really new. At all times, SSI enforces the Training Standards (General, Ethical and Training) using the automated QMS Questionnaires for Student and Professional programs.

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