The SSI Freediving Instructor course: So many great reasons to take part!

SSI Freediving Instructor courses are a real step towards the professional world of teaching freediving. A moment of growth and discussion between professionals from the sector and aspiring instructors. The Trainer, the figure who teaches the instructors, is a freediver who, as well as having internalized and optimized their technique, has developed, via adequate training, the ability to transfer ‘the art of teaching’, a capacity which is not a complete given, even for those who reach high levels of performance. Theory sessions to get to know the story and vision of SSI are alternated with a detailed study of themes such as the digitalization of didactic materials, the proposal of continued learning, respect for the environment, forms of communication and running a freediving center. The cornerstones of the course are definitely teaching trials in the classroom, swimming pool and sea, where future instructors start to deal with communication, involving the class and going more in-depth with the topics covered. The analysis and evaluation of the results by the Trainers is always entrusted to impartial entities (EVAL) who follow an effective assessment method based on the capabilities of the student. A strong point of the SSI Freediving teaching is, as well as digital materials available in 30 different languages, its diffusion, making it the most widespread teaching method in the world for recreational freediving. This allows both students and instructors to carry out dives and courses practically without geographical limits: obviously knowing other languages at this point becomes fundamental! The next FITC (Freediving Instructor Training Course) in Italy (in ITALIAN and ENGLISH): 25 September / 1 October – Santa Margherita Ligure Trainer: Carlo Boscia