SSI Ecological Commitment

Reliable environmental protection is essential for sustainable economic growth and the well-being of ourselves, our society, and our oceans.

Therefore, it is important to SSI to align its corporate activities to have the smallest possible impact on the environment by using our products and programs to inform everyone about relevant environmental topics and initiatives.

Implementing environmental initiatives is also an integral part of the daily work of our employees. Transforming our educational materials from print to digital content around the world was a significant step towards saving resources and providing our customers and partners with consistent, sustainable and current materials.

All physical SSI cards are made of environmentally-friendly, bio PVC

With our free app, customers can complete their training "card-free" and further their education while saving additional resources. SSI has also created a climate-neutral, printed card that is a more sustainable option for customers who prefer to track their training and experience accomplishments with physical cards. Instead of using traditional, non-renewable PVC plastic, we have begun using an environmentally-friendly PVC. This material is just as durable as traditional PVC but is 100% biodegradable. These cards can be composted in domestic compost systems, and will degrade within 40 months without leaving toxic residues.

Reducing plastic waste

Shocking pictures and news about the tons of plastic in our ocean and rivers reach us almost every day. SSI has set a company-wide goal to reduce plastic packaging whenever possible and to find alternative environmentally-friendly packaging options. Many products are packaged exclusively in cellulose packaging or paper.

For love of the ocean

For several years, SSI has partnered with dedicated professionals to create a community of marine lovers, and to support those who want to experience and preserve our aquatic world.

Our entire curriculum is designed, written, and reviewed by industry professionals, and is built on research-based educational methods. The aim is to educate divers and swimmer to develop their love for the underwater world and to create lifelong protectors of the oceans.

Blue Oceans

Lack of training, carelessness, negligence, and ignorance by humans can cause significant harm to the ocean. With our free BLUE OCEANS program, SSI explains the importance of protecting the ocean, and how anyone can quickly support this effort in their daily lives. To improve the state of our ocean, we need to start with ourselves, by being role models and sharing our commitment with family, friends, and acquaintances. With Mission Deep Blue, SSI encourages its training centers and customers to question environmental issues and take decisive action for the environment.

The newly introduced "Mission Deep Blue Center" status provides a contact point for those who want to know more about Mission Deep Blue and our environmental programs, and who want to participate in environmental actions. It also helps ensure our customers have an ecologically-friendly training or travel experience.

SSI Ecology Programs

Education and training are the first steps in protecting the oceans. SSI offers a variety of ecology programs including Marine Ecology, Shark Ecology, Sea Turtle Ecology, Fish Identification, and Coral Identification. These programs educate our customers about marine ecosystems and the various sea creatures that inhabit them. These programs are intended to educate and teach students how to behave underwater and around individual animals.