Valentine’s Day: 8 Great Reasons to Become a Scuba Diving Couple

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you might be racking your brain trying to come up with the perfect gift or activity to celebrate your relationship this year. Learning to dive could be the perfect option, so here are 8 great reasons to become a scuba diving couple this year.

Why You Should Learn to Dive as a Couple.

Learning to dive together creates lifelong memories that the two of you will cherish forever and it is great fun. You will learn to work as a team and get some unique couple photos for the family album!

Not convinced? Here are our top reasons to learn to dive as a couple this Valentine’s Day:

1.It opens up a world of vacation options.

Once you are a certified scuba diver, the world truly is your oyster! There are fantastic dive locations worldwide that you can explore over your lifetime together. From diving in Bali and Hawaii to scuba diving in Malta and exploring the best diving in Egypt, there is something for every scuba diving couple. 

Before you know it, you will start planning your vacations around your new hobby and get excited about planning your dive trips as a team.

One of the great things about diving locations is that the land surrounding the dive sites is usually also very beautiful and exciting to explore. So not only will you discover stunning new marine habitats, but you will also experience new foods and cultures, and soak up some sunshine in the process.

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2. You learn how to work as a team.

There are a few moments through the course of a relationship where you learn how well you can work as a team. Learning to dive is a good way to put your teamwork in the spotlight and enhance your connection as a couple.

During an Open Water Diver program, you will practice a range of scuba diving skills both alone and with a buddy. You and your dive buddy (your partner) will learn to perform dive checks together, keep an eye out for each other underwater, and encourage each other’s progress.

Knowing that your partner can save your life in an emergency takes you to a whole new level of trust.

Many couples say that learning to dive together really made their connection stronger and more secure. 

3. You will always have a dive buddy.

When you learn to dive alone, you are partnered with a new dive buddy on every dive trip. It is a great way to make new friends but there is something to be said for having the same buddy every time, too.

Having a reliable dive buddy that you scuba dive with time after time can build trust and make you feel at ease during your dives. As a scuba diving couple, you know what to expect from each other, you know each other’s dive habits, abilities, and strengths.

4. You learn how to handle stressful situations together.

Scuba diving is a very safe activity, and thousands of people dive around the world and never experience any scary situations. During your dive course, you will learn exactly what to do in any emergency scenario. This reduces the risk to almost zero. 

However, there are sometimes unexpected situations that arise involving other divers, weather, and marine life, which might bring a level of stress to a dive. Learning to dive can also feel stressful at times because you are practicing new skills and experiencing new environments outside of your comfort zone. 

Learning to dive with your partner, and then continuing as a scuba diving couple, is a great way to learn how you handle this stress together. It allows you to support, comfort, and encourage each other. It can strengthen a relationship in the most rewarding ways!

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5. Make friends with other dive couples.

It can sometimes be hard to find other couples who you share similar interests with. The diving community is extremely welcoming and friendly. You can step on a dive boat and get talking to new people instantly because you all share one very exciting common interest.

You can talk about your previous diving experiences, your favorite fish, your plans for future dive trips, and more. Before you know it, you have made new dive buddies for life. Perhaps you will even plan more dives together.

Feeling a little shy? Then join our Underwater Explorers Worldwide Facebook group. This is an inclusive community of passionate divers who will welcome you into the SSI Family.

6. Take unique scuba diving couple photos.

Liven up your photo albums with some unique scuba diving couple selfies. Taking photos on a dive is something you can do together, and it creates incredible memories that you can look back on forever.

Struggling for a Christmas gift idea for your parents? Frame a scuba selfie of the two of you for them to display. You will certainly capture some unique poses!

7. You will always have something in common.

Some couples struggle when it comes to shared interests and hobbies. It is healthy to enjoy separate activities, but it is also lovely to have one that you can take part in together.

Diving can be enjoyed by people of any age or gender, which is what makes it the perfect hobby for almost everyone. 

Become a scuba diving couple and you will always have something in common with your partner.

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8. Continue learning together.

Be careful; Once you get started on your scuba diving journey, you are likely to become addicted! There are numerous options for further education within scuba that you can explore together.

After your Open Water Diver program, you have the choice of taking part in guided dives to gain experience, doing the Advanced Adventurer program, and then adding more and more specialties.

Interested in night diving for example? You can become a Night Diver and explore coral reefs as the sun goes down – it is an incredible experience. Want to learn how to dive shipwrecks? Sign up for the Wreck Diving specialty. There is a lifetime of options to continue learning and diving, and you can do it all as a scuba diving couple!

There you have it, eight reasons to learn to dive as a couple this Valentine’s Day. Take a look at the SSI Training Center Locator to help you choose the perfect training center to start your