Love To Travel? MyDiveGuide Now In 14 Languages

MyDiveGuide is the internet’s most powerful dive travel tool, helping divers around the world plan their next diving adventure. With this innovative website now available in 14 languages, you can get inspired and choose your next trip with ease. Read on to find out more.

Translation of MyDiveGuide.

SSI’s goal has always been to make this site accessible to dive travel enthusiasts worldwide, highlighting the importance of offering the platform in different languages. Therefore, we are proud to announce that starting in August 2020, MyDiveGuide will be available in multiple languages, attracting even more divers from around the globe. Available Languages (14):
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Greek
  • Czech
  • Ukrainian
  • Arabic
  • Japanese

Discover MyDiveGuide’s new dive travel features.

Every week, SSI will update the MyDiveGuide homepage with exciting, alternating topics that promote all types of dive sites, destinations, and featured dives. Browse a range of topics including:
  • The world’s best cave diving spots.
  • The best diving in Mexico.
  • Where to go diving with sharks.
  • Top freshwater dive sites.
As well as weekly featured destinations, MyDiveGuide contains thousands of dive sites around the world. Search for your next dive travel adventure by oceans, continents, countries, and different marine life you would like to see. With its innovative search function, you can narrow down MyDiveGuide's search results to your training level, preferred dive style, and more. All of which makes it easy to plan your perfect dive trip. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start diving! READ MORE: 20 BEST DIVING SPOTS IN THE CORAL TRIANGLE.

Found a translation error in your language? Let us know!

The website will be translated using Machine Translation (e.g., DeepL and Google). If a language is missing or you come across spelling or grammar mistakes in your native language, please contact your SSI Service Center – they will be able to help!