Mares XR Backplate

Assembly Guide Mares Backplate

Divers’ who have purchased their twinset total diving system which includes a backplate and a harness will need to know "How to correctly thread a one-piece harness to a backplate". During both the SSI Extended Range and Extended Range Foundations programs there is a strong emphasis and focus on equipment configuration to ensure that the equipment being worn is correctly assembled and personally configured for the diver. This ensures that the diver has the greatest likelihood of success when performing skills in the water. Assembling the backplate and harness correctly is a skill in its own right and something that all divers’ who begin using such a system should be taught from the outset but unfortunately, we find that many are not, so let us try to help and provide some guidance.

Configuration Options

The backplate and harness set up can be configured for twinset diving or single cylinder diving. The one-piece webbing allows for the complete system to be adjusted to fit all body sizes and the angled shoulder D-rings allow for easier cylinder attachment. Check out the youtube video clip to see a step by step process of how to assemble the backplate and harness together correctly.

Training Options

Equipment and training go hand in hand with other. Contact your local SSI Training Center and register for the SSI Extended Range Foundations program to learn all about how to dive with the backplate and harness system. Then head to for the full range of Mares backplates and harness systems. Mares Backplate Mares Backplate